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Developing the right mindset
Moving your corporation to an Agile methodology is a task and process intensive conversion.  We can assist you with the framework required as well as the coaching you'll need to be successful in this endeavor

Agile Enterprise Transformation Patterns

There are certain patterns that you will find in an Agile Transformation.  The approach we suggest that has been greatly successful incorporates the management, effected processes and the teams impacted.  This is by no means a short term conversion and in order to be successful, it requires a strong culture of trust, with a focus on inspection and adaptation to what does work as we find out new things within the organization.  This course is a 4 hour event that should include all upper management and middle management.
Developing your Scrum Masters

Scrum Masters make the engine hum, although they are the coordinator and shepherd of the process, this is indeed a full time endeavor that will require tact, diplomacy and a no-nonsense approach to managing work.  This course is focused on team scrum masters and their management.  It's a four hour course that begins the process of developing the beginning scrum master
What is Agile?

A very simple illustration is found here in the Ball Point game.  In my one day seminar we cover the core fundamentals of Agile and expand it with several hands on illustrations to assist in seeing the value to the process.  Everytime you circumvent the process it becomes less effective, but if you stick to it and learn from it, failure or not, you will indeed reap the benefits which includes efficiencies resulting in speed improvements.
What is Scrum?

A very simple 7 minute informational video illustration is found here.
Learn the basics of the scrum development framework in just 7 minutes! By the end of this video you'll be able to understand what is required to take the first steps towards implementing scrum practices on your development team!  Engaging a coach to be successful for the initial iterations is key to avoiding bad behaviors that will derail the project.