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Coaching Engagement Guidelines

Existing Teams

·       Introduce coach to team

·       Distribute materials to team

o   Role descriptions (coach, team, PO, SM)

o   Code of conduct

o   etc.

·       Assess team

o   Observe existing team ceremonies

o   Conduct 1:1 interviews with team

§  Determine current state of team

§  Determine desired end state of team

§  Collect quotations for assessment report

o   Create assessment report for team (with current and desired states)

o   Optionally socialize report with team

o   Collect feedback from team

o   Update report based on team's feedback

o   Optionally share report with sponsor

§  Review assessment

§  Get alignment on coaching goals set out by assessment report


New Teams

·       Setting up a board for Sprint 0

·       Preparing for sprint kickoff with SM and PO

·       Develop plan for kickoff

Engagement Execution

·       Verify Engagement plan exists

·       Create Coaching/SM alliance

·       Create Coaching/PO alliance

·       Create Coaching backlog

·       Set expectations with the team on coaching availability

·       Understand the team’s

o   Members, Managers, Sponsors

o   Work (epics, stories)

o   Technical issues

o   Component teams

o   Release goals

·       Offer targeted training for team’s benefit

·       Properly model ceremonies

·       Assist with story grooming

·       Model servant leadership/self-organizing behavior (be the change you want to see)

·       Build credibility with team

o   Be trustworthy

o   Be honest

o   Look for things the team can teach you

o   Keep office hours

·       Engage the coaching community when necessary to support the team

·       Update team assessment at the end of each sprint looking for opportunities for improvement. Work with SM/Team.

·       Execute (complete) the items in the coaching backlog



Verify Achievement of Goals

·       Review assessment progress

·       Determine team’s maturity with respect to established desired end state of team.

·       Review team’s maturity and current state with SM and PO

·       Review team’s maturity and current state with team Sponsor

·       Decision Point

a.      Has team achieved exit criteria

                                                                                  i.     Yes – go to exit

b.     Is team progressing, but not at exit criteria goals?

                                                                                  i.     Return to Engagement Execution

c.      Team is not progressing

                                                                                  i.     Go to Exit

Engagement Exit

            Summarize exit decision and state of team

Deliver assessments and summary to team sponsors/stakeholders

Review with sponsors and team the coach re-engagement process

Say good-bye to team