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Reid Lowery                                                                               

425-503-3394 cell                    2823 W. Plum Hollow Dr, Anthem, Arizona 85086            

Consultant, Instructor, Enterprise Agile Coach, Safe Program Consultant, & Software Program Manager

Certified ScrumMaster – Enterprise Agile Coach


A leader in software development and project management offering 35 yrs of industry experience with 17 years experience using Agile, Scrum, Six Sigma, Seven Step, rapid programming, and extreme programming methodologies.  Excels in managing multiple project teams within an organization and working with external stakeholders.  Also offering 20 years experience in IT program/project management, product management, IT engineering, and team leadership.  Excels in client relations and customer service.

Core Strengths

Software Development LifeCycle – Project/Program Management – Business Integration – Scrum & Agile Methods

SharePoint Administration – Audio Engineering – Data Center Management – IT Engineering – Customer Service –

Software/Application/Process Implementation – Product/Software Development – Team Leadership – Quality Assurance

Select Career Highlights

·   Portfolio implementation of Rally across 3 lines of business and 18 teams for a Scaled Agile (SAFe) Release Train


·   Led the engagement and rollout for Agility Health & TekSystems Enterprise Agile transformation effort for American Express


·   Led the engagement for TekSystems Agile transformation effort for Bank of America Home Mortgage offices

·   Led engagement for Eliassen Group’s Agile transition effort related to the Capital One/ING Home Mortgage and Auto Finance


·   Drove quality assurance and served as Agile coach for the State of Idaho’s innovative, multimillion-dollar online health care and benefits fulfillment system that was used as a example for operations nationwide.


·   Named on a US Patent and nominated for Engineering Excellence Award; expedited product development, reduced customer escalation 40%, decreased support costs 30%, and improved customer satisfaction 25%.


·   Developed and built the MS Project Server delivery system for several divisions of Microsoft that resulted in synergy between 26 different teams and building a cascading release train system for the tools and online division

·   Delivered 99.99% system uptime during 24 consecutive monthly releases and 4 consecutive bi-monthly releases for Microsoft projects covering ticketing systems, issue management, and design change requests in SharePoint.


·   Designed and developed a Trade Secret and Intellectual Property portal for Microsoft that obfuscated ideas and trade secrets and protected them during discovery by sequestering them under attorney client privilege.

Professional Overview

ccPace                                                                                                                                                                       Dec  2016-current

enterprise Transformation Agile Coach FOR Anthem Insurance (safe-SPC 4.0)

·         Led and organize the portfolio transformation for Agile@Anthem

·         Coordinate, train and assign all new agile coaches  onboarding

·         Communicate weekly coaching plans for 6 business silos (over 50 teams)


TekSystems Education Group                                                                                                                             OCT  2015-current

enterprise Transformation Agile Coach FOR American Express (safe-SPC 4.0) & Global companies (DTCC, Cisco, etc)

·         Led and deliver training to Portfolio leaders

·         Lead remedial coaching for divisions as needed

·         Provide executive level training to facilitate Agile transformation

·         Educate teams from ground zero to begin their Agile work

·         Designed and deployed Rally reporting implementations to ensure that workspace integrity is maintained while leveraging custom views and fields

·         Integrated Agility Health Radar assessments with Rally and Jira toolsets

·         Training teams and programs on Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum,  XP, SAFe, Rally

·         Launching Agile Release Trains and working with leadership, RTE’s and others to successfully implement SAFe framework

TekSystems Education Group                                                                                                                               May 2015-current

enterprise Agile Coach, Safe-SPC, XP & DevOps Trainer (Safe-SPC)

·         Led and deliver training to Fortune 500 organizations

·         Lead remedial coaching for organizations as needed

·         Provide support and coordination for leadership of multiple teams and their coaches

·         Educate teams from ground zero to begin their Agile work

·         Coaching teams, middle managers and executives to integrate Lean and Agile values, principles and practices

·         Managing and lead Rally implementations to ensure that workspace integrity is maintained while leveraging custom views and fields

·         Training teams and programs on Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum,  XP, SAFe, Rally

·         Launching Agile Release Trains and working with leadership, RTE’s and others to successfully implement SAFe framework

Cisco                                                                                                                                                                                               2014

Enterprise Agile Coach for Bratton Inc

·   Revised and launched a Portfolio implementation of Rally for the Cloud Services organization

·   Served as Enterprise Agile Coach in support of multiple teams

·   Organized and coordinated the 2nd SAFe Release Train for Cisco

·   Completed team and management level assessments to identify readiness and impediments to adoption


TekSystems Education Group                                                                                                                                          2013-2014

Senior Agile Coach for Bank of America

·   Served as Senior Agile Coach in support of multiple teams

·   Educated teams from ground zero to begin their Agile work

·   Led teams through Iteration 0 planning, architecture, design and backlog planning for their products.

·   Continue to be the trusted advisor to VP level staff to assist middle management in their Agile journey

·   Coach teams through a minimum of 3 iterations hands on; then moving to advisor after this

Eliassen Group                                                                                                                                                                   2012-2013

Senior Agile Coach for Capital One/ING

·   Served as Senior Agile Coach in support of multiple teams working on an Agile transition; partnered with management to resolve issues related to dependencies between teams.

·   Ensured technical environment and team knowledge was in place to ensure projects complied with Agile methods.

·   Excelled in delivering team training in a manner that generated high audience engagement and mastery.

·   Resolved impediments from outside the team environment and worked with line manager to prepare the technical environment necessary for team success.


Agile Coach for State of Idaho, Department of Health & Welfare

·   Facilitated the planning, execution, and follow-through work for the new online health care and benefits fulfillment system (funded via the Affordable Care Act and private grants).

·   Coached team members on Agile processes, redefined baselines in process for optimal performance, identified and corrected process gaps, and enable continuous improvement efforts.


Bridge Energy Group                                                                                                                                                        2011-2012

ScrumMaster & Agile Coach; SME for MSFT Technologies

·   Focused accomplishments on project mentoring with Scrum and Agile processes using VSTF and TFS for Scrum Teams; enabled reporting via SharePoint and weekly executive updates.

·   Advised the Western Electricity Coordinator Council and Western Interconnection Synchrosphasor Program on efforts to install more than 300 new or upgraded Phasor Measurement Units (PMU) to correctly identify and analyze system vulnerabilities in real time while also detecting disturbances on the built electric system in the US.

Microsoft                                                                                                                                                                             2007-2011

Senior Engineering Manager & Quality Assurance Specialist (2007-2011)

·   Served as ScrumMaster and Agile SME for multiple internal projects that enhanced the resolution of issues for various business roles in the field.

·   Oversaw the Microsoft Project Server framework setup for all projects, including ticketing systems, issue management systems, and design change request management systems in SharePoint and VSTF (visual studio team foundation) server.

·   Designed and built out the MS Project server systems for several divisions within Microsoft that resulted in team synergy across divisions for Agile/SAFe release train systems

·   Facilitated changes to business processes and improved accountability to mitigate customer concerns while adding an elevated escalation and resolution path that crosses all business divisions; lifted revenue $6.5B as a result.

·   Innovated systems using a service oriented architecture that built portals spanning disparate systems, collocated non-rationalized data, and rapidly developed prototypes for key stakeholders.

·   Earned the Senior Vice President Gold Star Award for significant financial impact in 2010.

·   Completed prototype work for a customer ecosystem visualization tool that encompassed support, license agreements, reciprocal deals, and critical escalations for POC sales.

Walt Disney                                                                                                                                                                          2006-2007

Data Center Manager, Walt Disney Internet Group (2006-2007)

·   Served as the change agent for WDIG Data center operations building standardized processes and implementing standards across all business lines for server setup, provisioning and administration.

·   Served as the lead for the architecture and planning of the Las Vegas datacenter (Pirates of the Caribbean online game systems).  Setup 343 servers from bare metal implementation and provisioning in under 90 days.

Microsoft                                                                                                                                                                             1993-2006

Lead Program Manager, Windows Platform (1998-2005)

·   Served as SharePoint administrator for communications and solutions integration during the consolidation of services for Windows; completed early survey development and provided 64 bit support.

·   Completed advanced search and indexing solutions and provided both portal administration and solutions integration during the lifecycle for Vista beta feedback.

Phoenix Resources                                                                                                                                                            1996-1998

Engineering Lead & Project Manager, Data Center Consulting (1996-1998)

·   Served as Firewall consultant for Costco’s first online system for ordering

·   Served as integration consultant for secure administration of benefits for Safeco Insurance

·   Served as the PCS data center operations setup manager for recruiting and initial deployment

·   Served as the Lead PM for AT&T’s Fraud Management System (v3.0)

Microsoft                                                                                                                                                                             1993-1996

Software Tester, Windows Networking & MSN (1993-1996)

·   Managed distributed NT testing in functional, operations, and performance validation tests for MSN 1.1/1.2.

·   Designed and maintained network Internet connectivity and served as liaison with UUNET.

·   Maintained communication vehicle for status of regional data centers with 200+ servers.

·   Oversaw SQL95 database for data center user validations; owned accountability for NT networking integration between NWLink protocol and NT systems IPX/SPX working on NT.

·   Completed testing for the Tigris NNTP project and test lab deployment of early IIS servers for daily stress tests.

·   Managed contractor resources, equipment budgets, and needs analysis.

·   Administered BSDI Unix servers as well as Linux servers running INN.

·   Initiated test efforts for Internet mail, specifically SMTP and POP/3.

*Career Note: Other relevant experience includes consulting positions with Hofstra University on network analysis and architecture, Western Wireless on operations and systems architecture, Costco on enterprise security networking practices, AT&T on fraud management systems, and Walt Disney Corporation on data center operations.

Education & Credentials

Masters Certification in Production Music TechnologyBerklee College


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)|Certified ScrumMaster|Certified Six Sigma Green Belt


Certified 7 Step Methodology | Member of the Microsoft Alumni Association

SAFe | Rally | VersionOne | Scrum for Team Systems | TFS for Teams