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About Us
Lowery Research LLC is guided by the experience of Reid Lowery, a Senior Software coach with more than 25 years industry experience including two decades for Microsoft.  Currently Mr. Lowery focuses on helping existing teams get better performance out of their processes, reducing defects, costs and ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

We realize all software projects are different
We also realize that there are many commonalities across all projects that can be optimized
Software development is complex
Fixing small portions of your process can drive great gains as well as cost efficiencies

Company history
Originally organized in California specializing in networking and server infrastructure; Lowery Research has expanded to include software development, team refinement and building solid, high performing teams for large and small companies.
   Bank of America

Customer testimonials
Our referrals speak for themselves.  Please feel free to look up Reid Lowery on Linked In for customer testimonials.
Clients have included:
    o Cisco
    o Bank of America
    o Capital One Finance
    o Western Electrical Coordinating Council
    o Abbott Laboratories
    o Symantec Corporation
    o Autodesk & Genericad
    o Costco Wholesale
    o Johnson & Johnson - Lifescan
    o Safeco Insurance
    o Microsoft Corporation
    o US Department of Energy
    o State of Idaho - Department of Health & Welfare